We are all the same people.
With sinning hearts that make us equal.
Here is my hand, not words said desperately.
It is not our job to MAKE anyone believe.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the water was freeeeezing in case you were wonderin....

I put my feet in the water for about 20 minutes.....it was extremely coooooldd!

Ive been inside for like 10 minutes since and my feet are still like ice.

but other than that the day is beautiful and the sun feels amazing. :)

Im not the noisy one, thank you very much. lol

I cant possibly be the one that makes the most noise....if so then I shall fix that as soon as I get home....

'young ladies should be seen, not heard'

i'm old school.....haha

wanna know some good news??
I just got all my math homework finished for the week! yipee!! I had to make myself sit down and finish it because the day is SOO beautiful! O my soul! I had to close all the blinds in the computer room and put on my sunglasses so i wouldn't notice the sun shining in. It was a dramatic thing to do, i know...but believe it or not it helped and i needed to do something so i wouldn't think about anything but Rational Expressions....boo.

You cant tell me u wouldn't do whatever it took to keep from longing to go outside instead of...math?? that's what i thought.

But hey, i worked hard to make sure I finished it all today so now i dont have to worry with it for the rest of the week....yay! Of course now its gunna rain the rest of the week...u watch.. i bet it does. Thats just my kind of sick luck.

Wanna know some more good news??
Ive come up with a plan as far as the pictures go....Kimmy Jo is coming home tomorrow....ill just use her computer to load my pics! Ah-ha, amazing...i know.
It took me a while to come up with it, seriously. I have been racking my brain and trying every trick known to man to come up with a way to make these pics load (on a computer without a decent motherboard).......finally i gave up...kinda....ok, not at all... I couldn't keep from thinking about it... I even had dreams about how to fix this computer so i could load them (i felt like Ryan and his four wheeler dreams, lol)
Last night while i was on the phone it hit me, duh! Just use Kimberly's! lol, so.....you'll have to wait till at least tomorrow night before you get to see my beautiful face (and the house and pool and hopefully some pics of the town.) ;)

Wanna know some bad news turned good??
Kimberly's friends aren't going to stay here Thursday night...i was kinda disappointed but its fine. Cliff and Debbie said she and i could ride around and whatnot Thursday night and Friday. I'm looking forward to that.... :) This town is awesome! I don't wanna leave..... i think everyone should just move down here, lol I'm kidding. (about not wanting to leave, not about the town being awesome.)

Then Saturday morning (bright and early because the flight leaves and 5:40 that morning) we're all going to go eat breakfast and make our way to the airport! AH! Im so excited!!!! Then a mere 12 hours later....were gunna be on the ship!!!!!! AH!! Can you feel the excitement, or is it just me??
And is Caleb fighting this weekend or not? No one has mentioned it.....

I think Sandra is trying to make me cry or something, talking bout the kids.... geeze....
''Lane is wanting to know where Lauren is!'' I liked to have cried after reading that! I miss those little guys so much is unreal! Who would have thought id get so attached... I didn't delete all the pics off the camera....i left some of the cute ones of the little boys in case i got homesick- i looked at them last night.

yes, I am extremely homesick.

but contented, nonetheless.

I talked to Cathy(Richard) and grandmother last night....that was nice but i think it too contributed to my homesickness.


I think thats enough emotions for one day....actually its enough for about a week or so.

---The sun is still out and maybe the water has warmed up?? (i doubt it....but hey, its only as cold as u let ur mind think it is?? or whatever Caleb is always saying...) lol


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I have a free min...

I'm with aunt Debbie right now...shes getting her nails done.

the lady thats doing them said i could use her computer...its pretty nice. Not as nice as the MacBook Air I've been wanting but ya know... ;)

We are going to San Antonio tonight for dinner and then to Academy to try and find those silly water shoes...lol

I got to sit out in the sun today!! :) It was great. I talked to Krissy for a while when i was out there so that was cool too.
I look like a Mexican almost after all this sun. (better than a lobster)

The newness hasnt worn off yet but i feel it drawing near. I slept reeeeally late today... 11:00! i felt like such a bum, but it was niiice! Im still kinda sleepy...maybe its because i stayed up till almost 4 playin poker.... (i think ill need help before long...im sooooo addicted.) Ill have to kick the habit when i get back home...the connection it too slow at the house.... OR I could just be nice to Grandmother so I can use her computer as mom would say... ;)


Im gunna go play.....poker... :-/


Sandra, Thanks for all the updates and emails about the boys! :D

a little cruise info....


"Acres of teak-planked deck space are perfect for relaxing, sunning or reading. The Inspiration's Lido Deck features three swimming pools, one of which offers a 115-foot-long, 14-foot-high water slide full of hairpin twists and turns, along with a more secluded aft pool and a children's wading pool complete with its own "kiddie slide."

Duudde! How sweet is that?!

There is a pic of it on the cruise website but i couldn't get it to load.....ill try again later though.

i don't remember if Ive given the cruise website or not....


were Carnival Inspiration

check it out, its pretty sweet.

Be sure and check out the deck plan...study it, there will be a test later. all short answer.

I'm kidding of course....but really, you should have a look. I think we are staying in room M140-ish....or M something. Cliff Jr and Jessica are in M102 i think and we are just right down the hall. Maybe if i look at the pic again it will refresh my memory.....

okay, i looked and actually its none of the above.......i looked at the pic of the Main deck (i know for sure that's at least the correct deck..) but none of the rooms looked right....hmm.. ill ask later.

We have an ocean view room! Thats gonna be so sweet! I can't wait for that ocean again!! Mmm!

Day 1
Tampa, FL
Be on the ship by 4:00 PM

Day 2
Fun Day At Sea

Day 3
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Arrival time 7:00 AM
Departure time 2:00 PM

Day 4
Cozumel, Mexico
Arrival time 9:00 AM
Departure time 6:00 PM

Day 5
Fun Day At Sea

Day 6
Tampa, FL
Arrival time 8:00 AM


Then its time to come hoooome!!! (almost) We will still have to fly from Tampa to Atlanta then back to Texas and then i think we are stayin one more night here at the house then drivin back to Rusk & Jville the next day!

The day went by slow but the night ended quickly.

I'm playing a little Texas Hold 'Em right now but in between hands i will fill yall in on what happened today.....

k, lets see.... i slept late today....9:00 Woo hoo! About two hours later than usual, seeing as how i usually wake up around 7 when Caleb is getting in the shower....I wish i knew why that little bit of noise wakes me up?! its frustrating! but alas, a memory?? lol

I did a little math homework...yipee? then played some more poker (I'm addicted) I made some lunch (leftover fajitas, yumm!) then watched a little SportsCenter.

I wanted to go outside but it was raining... :( Maybe tomorrow??

Anyway....Later on i started getting ready to go out to eat with uncle Cliff....aunt Debbie had a board meeting (i go from living with one principal to living with another, lol) and wouldn't be joining us.

We ate at Mamacitas, Yumm! We got this cheese dip stuff that they lit on fire! Cathy would have enjoyed it, lol! But it was sooo tasty! After dinner uncle Cliff showed me around town and then to WalMart where his intention was to buy some water shoes?? He wanted to get some and then pick on aunt Debbie for not having any! Hes so SILLY!!

unfortunately, we couldn't find any...not for lack of trying though... we walked around that place forever! Of course even if we had found some he wouldn't have been able to show them to her till tomorrow morning....why you ask? well, she didn't even get home till after 10!!! how crazy is that?! By then uncle Cliff had gone to bed and i was desiring sleep myself (I'm wide awake now though, go figure)

While we were riding around we saw some deer! In the city!! Neat huh? I thought so....
there were like 8 of them...just walking around like it was no big deal that cars were driving up around them, lol.

K, well that's about it....I'm doing pretty good in my poker game and i don't wanna mess up.... Ive won about $1100 since i started, not too bad for a nights work. I almost tripled my points in Blackjack earlier! So im pleased....and anxious to get back to it..


PS. yall keep me updated too!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I made it!!


After about a month of waiting, i have arrived! We got to Aunt Debbie & Uncle Cliffs around 4:30 this afternoon (the house is so nice!) i took some pics before i unpacked and got settled in...ill put some of those up later...

It didn't take very long to get down here.... i was pleasantly surprised.
On the way we passed a Starbucks that was like two stories and a paintball field that was like the best Ive ever seen! It was like greatness of mass proportion! Not exactly something so see every day around Rusk huh? lol

Oh and there was this trucker that had a USMC Sniper sticker on the back of his truck...that was scary... he was in front of us for like 30 miles...then for no reason whatsoever Aunt Debbie got in front of him! He stayed behind us for a while. Dang, I was scared he'd get mad for cutting him off or something....lol

We stopped at the outlet mall in San Marcos. Aunt Debbie had to go to the VF and return some pants, then we went to Cavenders!! It was sooo much better than ours! And there were a pair of jeans in there that were like $325 that were on sale for like $280.... okay, I love my designer jeans but that's just crazzzy! There was actually one chick in there that was gonna buy them. How gay is that?! They better have pearls or diamonds or something on them for that price....dang.


I'm sleeping in Cliff Jr's room this week but I think that will change Thursday night when Kimmy Jo's friends from school come over. I'm anxious to meet her friends!

We had uncle Cliff's famous fajitas for dinner! They were as good as everyone says they are! :) I thought about Grandmother like through the entire dinner cause she is forever talking about how great they are. lol

After dinner aunt Debbie got her computer out and we went to the cruise website and looked at the ship and all the things it offered. I'm soooo stinking excited about it! There are all kinds of things to do on and off the ship. I think we are going to shop at Grand Cayman and idk what in Cozumel....aunt Debbie wants to go to a butterfly farm.....I'm thinking...uh, negative.
Uncle Cliff didn't seem too interested either (thank goodness) but there was this one thing you could choose that sounded pretty cool....i think it was called jeep and snorkel...you can look it up @
www.carnival.com -were on the Carnival Inspiration

Kimmy Jo is excited about the huuuuge slide on the top of the ship!!! I am too after looking at it! Its pretty sweet.
Check it out too....

We've been trying to take a virtual tour but it wont let us... :(

It must be the website and not the Internet connection though.... they have wireless and it is super fast! i love it! :)

Uncle Cliff said i can practice snorkeling by cleaning out the leaves in the pool lol. He's funny. Hes already started picking on me like Grandmother said he would...mostly about my shirt (the red one I wore down here...i keep having to pull it up) I think tomorrow ill just wear a tshirt lol
He is sooo awesome though!! We just finished watching M*A*S*H* and now hes watching Fox News!! :D We were talking about politics and the economy earlier and I think I surprised him a bit with my knowledge...always a nice thing. My love for always learning new things does in fact come in handy occasionally lol

And i hear he plays a mean game of poker.... ;) Pretty sweet huh? yea, i think we'll get along juuust fine.


I miss you guys already! I'm really gonna miss not getting to go see Caleb fight this weekend (if he still gets to...) I wasn't really homesick until i started thinking about that....of course that thought led to another and before long I was wanting to see everyone again...
how gay right? Here I am about to leave for Mexico and i still want to be home. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!! Wish more of you guys were here!!

I'm fine though....safe...content...all that good stuff. ;)

Ill keep you as informed as possible... yall do the same, k?
Love ya! Lauren

PS. Ryan- I saw a Mustang today that i bet would beat yours! It was AMAZING!!! '07 Metallic gray with red racing stripes! O my soul! I was very happy....lol! ;)

I love u Cathy! Call me sometime when u get a chance I wanna tell u about uncle Cliff...he keeps asking about u! i miss u Bubba!

Krissy- i miss u! & I wish you'd text me the name of those pants so i can Google them....otherwise i have no idea what I'm looking for!!

Grandmother- I love u! uncle Cliff is a character! You were right. And his fajitas are outta this world!!
Oh, please let grandaddy know I did say good-bye and I love him very much!

Momma 2(Sandra)- Thanks for packing my shorts. Oh
wait.... hmmm... lol I'm playing. i don't think i even need them. I should have been the one to pack them anyway :)

Angela- sorry I didn't say bye and sorry for hanging up on u a second ago.... :-/ um, and I just noticed I had a missed call from u, sorry. My phone is on silent...but to answer your questions yes, I know about bubba. No, I'm not in Mexico yet and my phone has bad service out here so that's why it keeps disconnecting...I'm not hanging up. (except that last time...I had to go and you were talking forever girl. I didn't even think you'd notice but I guess u did, lol.)
Text me, its easier. I wont have to worry about the phone cutting in and out.

Ill c ya in 2 weeks though...we can go to the Grind and catch up...I would suggest tennis but your lack of skill makes it not so enjoyable...lol, nah, I'm messing with ya.

Maegan- Girl I'm sorry I didn't get to say bye to u either!!! I'm gonna miss u soooo much though!! I didn't hang up on u either I just lost service for like an hour...it was gay. But anyway....that's so cool about those trucks! I hope yall find one u like!! :) I'm so excited for yall!
I hope u enjoy ur break from micro and lab! ;)

This is waaaay longer than i intended it to be....sorry...
I'm gonna head off to bed. I don't think ill sleep much though. I'm still way too excited! But I should at least try I suppose.

BYE! I love yall!