We are all the same people.
With sinning hearts that make us equal.
Here is my hand, not words said desperately.
It is not our job to MAKE anyone believe.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tragic though it may seem, it's mostly superficial.

Distance is no friend of mine. 2.5 hours doesn't seem like much....until it becomes the one thing that keeps you from what you want most often.

I'm in the mood to write a poem tonight, but that mood will probably pass by the second or third stanza so why bother..
I haven't really felt like writing much this semester. Perhaps it's because I usually do my best writing when I'm unhappy or feel close to God, neither of which I've been lately. I started off this semester so on fire for God, but silly me....fires eventually burn out. It was superficial. I want what I had last semester, what I had this summer, something! Anything is better than what I have now.
"No matter how many steps you take away from God all it takes is just one step back towards Him and He'll be right there." Jordan said that one night at Craft's college bible study and I'm quite certain it will stick with me forever.

Knowing my blog is like synced with my facebook page or whatever kind of keeps me from writing as freely as I'm used to because I know more people will have access to this than just my family and hometown friends who usually keep up with me through my blog. That being said, I've got nothing more to say till I can remember how to fix it so my blog posts stop showing up on facebook.

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