We are all the same people.
With sinning hearts that make us equal.
Here is my hand, not words said desperately.
It is not our job to MAKE anyone believe.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Undeniably Me

Midnight Pomegranate is my favorite lotion.
I love burning candles.
I usually save my meat for last when I'm eating because I'm still not a big fan of the stuff.
Cotton and cows make me smile :)
Blue is my favorite color
and I adore pearls!

I love crunching around in the snow...when we have it.
I think its cute to walk behind Jacob in the big footprints he leaves.

I love it when he tickles me, even though I act like I want him to stop.

Sweet tea and Dr. Pepper are my two favorite drinks.
I used to be addicted to Mt. Dew and Strawberry-Kiwi Capri Suns.
I love just about anything with strawberries in it.

My Grandmother was an amazing woman and I always do what I can to be more like her.
She gave me the confidence to cook and bake and now I love, love , LOVE it! :)
Sometimes I use too much butter when I cook ;)
And sometimes I rush my mushrooms and they don't saute correctly.

I love looking at the stars.
I used to study them for fun.

I love reading
and writing.

I want to write and publish a book someday.
Or maybe a series of children's books..

I used to want to open a daycare until I found out how much I loved studying medicine.
I wrote out every single detail of how my daycare would be ran.
I still have the spiral I wrote it all in....somewhere in my closet :/

I'm bad about keeping my closet organized.

I like my mom's friend Kimberly.
Shes so full of life and adventure!
Mom's lucky to know her.

One of these days I want to go to a Cowboy church.
Maybe Sunday?
I think Id like it.
I miss church. :/

My family is crazy.
Like insanely crazy.
There's never a dull moment.
But I'm proud to be apart of it.
I'm going to miss them one day if I ever get around to leaving.

The end.
For now..

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RoxieMommy said...

I like it. Getting to know you better. :)