We are all the same people.
With sinning hearts that make us equal.
Here is my hand, not words said desperately.
It is not our job to MAKE anyone believe.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Life Together

Life since getting married almost three years ago has been a roller coaster of fun and adventure! Here are a few pics to catch you up since my last few posts before the wedding. 

Dating pics:

Wedding Pics:

Jake's Grooms 
                                          Wedding cake

We've been pretty busy!

 Concert at Cowboy's Stadium: 

 We got a sweet little puppy but we had to find her a new home because no matter what we did for her she wouldnt stop being aggressive. Not good when you're wanting to start a family!!

 Still have Deputy though. We've had him since we first started dating and he's the most amazing dog ever! :)

Made some yummy looking dog treats for our fur babies.

Did a little holiday baking hehe

 Made a trip to he hospital. Worst moments of my life!! :(
 I needed 4 bags worth! 

Hope to never have to go through that again! 

Also, a top "worst moment" since getting married.... Jacob's sister died last summer. It really hit home that we truly aren't guaranteed Tomorrow. 
We also learned to be grateful for the good times we have in life because just because we are Christians doesnt mean we wont go through trials and hard times.  Thankfully, we can call on Christ to give us strength through the bad times and rejoice when we do finally make it through the valleys. 

Ive also picked up sewing again. 

Fishin' in our spare time: 
Jake and I cooked this one on my new set of cast iron skillets :)

We bought a new game--
and had a blast playing it till Jake started whooping up on me! lol

 Bought a SUV

 Had spa day with Vannie

Helped some people on the side of the rode a few times

                   Designed and painted this room for Vannie after Sam died

 Acquired a Godson 

 Found out I have PCOS

 Survived this!

 And THIS!! Thanks Obummer!

Thats about it. :)